“Mortar Flowers” is in Nature!

My first sale ever, “Mortar Flowers,” is out today in the June 13th issue of Nature!

You can read it here:    http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v498/n7453/full/498266a.html                          (Check out the PDF version–it’s quite pretty ;)).

Well, what a crazy, wondrous journey it has been. I had 82 writing rejections at the time of the sale.
As for the story behind the story:

A few years ago, I stumbled across the concept of Sarajevo roses, and I developed a reverent fascination for this unique, deeply meaningful art form. When I then read that the concrete was being replaced in the Sarajevo and the roses were disappearing, I was struck by an instant sense of loss. I kept trying to find out who had made the roses in the first place, but I never did. That was the inspiration for the Cement Florist.

5 thoughts on ““Mortar Flowers” is in Nature!

  1. Hi Jessica May, loved your DSF story, absolutely brilliant, and your perseverence in writing is a real inspiration to me. Personally I’ve been rejected 3 times by DSF, once by Flash Fiction Online, and once by Interzone. D’oh. Only one publication so far, in the UK magazine ‘Fever Dreams’. But having read your story I’m more determined than ever to keep at it!
    Dave Ludford

  2. Thanks, David! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    A favorite mentor of mine once said that it takes 100 rejections to get published. Most people give up before they get there, but I have yet to meet someone who didn’t make it by the time they reached 100! Just goes to show.

    1. Sound advice! One of my favourite authors, Iain Banks, who unfortunately died this week, had his first novel rejected. Unbelievable! The guy will always shine as a genius and inspiration.

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